Celebrating Diversity

Being exposed to new ideas and new ways of thinking. Leaving our comfort zones. Accepting the ideas of others. Challenge perceptions.

Embracing experiences, ideas, examples that are different from our own values and belief system broadens our understanding of Quantum relationships. Actively questioning and finding points of view different from our own enables growth and improves outcomes. Diversity is an internal process and not something that happens to others. We need to change in order to broaden our thinking.

By broadening our understanding and widening our perspective we can more easily listen to, understand and accept the views of others that might challenge our beliefs. Recognising that there are facts and there is truth. Facts being what happens and truth is just what we think about what happens, liberates our understanding and provides a platform for “many best ways”.

Our comfort zones are the death of creativity and become unwelcome bastions of change prevention. Being able to challenge our own prejudice leads to openness and inclusivity for each team member and appreciate and value their views.

Celebration of diversity corresponds with a complex adaptive system’s reliance on evolutionary mutations for transformation. Mutations play a creative role in the newly emergent structure of these systems’ future. Mutations, and the quality of mutability, play keys roles in the sustainability of life on earth. And quantum thinking allows us to hold two seemingly opposing beliefs or ideas and appreciate that, in many cases, both can be true. Quantum entities exist as both particles and waves at the same time, can be everywhere at the same time.” (Danah Zohar)

Photo by Jeswin Thomas on Unsplash