Leadership (Field Independent)

Everyone becomes a leader able to stand alone or they possess the resilience to be unpopular if they believe they are right. Creativity is the key.

Leadership comes from a vision. Leaders can see a new world or new destination and think they know how to get there but need the help of others. Leaders are defined by getting people to see and understand the same vision and by guiding them there. Leaders serve people and ensure that they will have the resources to make the journey. They inspire people to make demands on themselves and give them the freedom to drive through to the destination. Leaders facilitate the success of others.

Leaders unlock the full potential and creativity of those around them. They trust people to deliver. They give them the independence to perform at the highest level and they support them the whole way along the journey. Quantum leaders destroy silo working and isolated teams, instead, they build entrepreneurial cells within the company and let them set the rules and conditions for success.

Sounds too scary? We can assure you that the biggest and best are already doing this and leaving you behind. Your business will be stuck in the quagmire of Taylorism until you drown.

Photo by Memento Media on Unsplash