This Is Futura

Futura is a multi-agency business consultancy aimed at helping businesses manage change, define new markets and develop their leadership teams. The world has moved beyond outdated management styles and is embracing new methods of harnessing the power of its people and unleashing their true potential. Top down leadership and silo departmentalised operations have gone (or at least they should have).

Futura will guide you through the process of change using the 12 Principals of Quantum Management.

This is futura

Quantum Management

What’s In It For You?

Futura will help you build a better business. As a result, you will keep and develop the best staff. You will improve the lives of senior people and the lives of those who work with them. By using Quantum Management principles you will open up new ‘small businesses’ within your organisation. Read more…

What’s It All About?

The world has changed and people are searching for greater meaning and purpose. Businesses are made up of ‘substance’ – the need to produce benefit in order to make a profit and ‘energy’ – the will of its staff to find purpose in creating that benefit.

Businesses are struggling to retain their best people because they have persisted in using methods developed during the industrial revolution. They were devoid of the human element and as that void grew, it birthed the HR movement working with laws to limit the effect of demotivated workers. It lacked real purpose and today’s people seek both meaning and purpose in their life…especially at work.

Quantum Management takes its lead from the principles of Quantum Physics. It recognises the benefit of harnessing both substance and energy to create small, autonomous businesses within the main organisation. People that work in Quantum Businesses feel empowered to help create a better world. They have a real purpose.

  • Quantum Management Applies to Any Size business in Any Sector
  • Quantum Management Creates Entrepreneurial Teams
  • Quantum Teams Achieve Extraordinary Goals
  • Quantum Team People Find Motivational Purpose
  • Quantum Businesses People Achieve Exponential Growth

Futura has embedded Quantum Management principles and practices for more than 15 years in every sector and in many countries. To find out how your business would benefit from embedding Quantum Management please read more here…

Alternatively, you can save time by contacting Futura directly and we can talk through why it’s important for you and how to go about creating a dynamic and forward looking business filled with passionate people.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash