Futura Consultants was informally formed as an association of specialists who had all worked together on many top level projects. The idea behind the idea was to remain agile and flexible, to keep the overheads low and to avoid passing on any unnecessary cost to clients.

We don’t have swanky offices, we don’t have admin staff and we don’t have non-fee earning management staff. This ensures that we are focused entirely on each project and only charge for the exact minutes spent working directly for clients.

Andrew Coulthard – Managing Consultant

Andrew Coulthard – Lead Consultant (Futura – Sierra Leone)

Futura contracts reflect this, our prices reflect this and feedback from clients reflects this.

I’m a civil engineer, currently a CEO. I have been CEO of several NGOs in the past, Chairman, Director, Non-Exec Director and Trustee for over 30 years.

I’ve run many multi-million Euro ESF and ERDF programmes in the UK and throughout Europe and the Balkans, achieving every set target and outcome.

As a consultant, I am fortunate to have applied my skills at the highest level to all three of the major sectors in our economy on four different continents.

I’ve been even more fortunate to meet, during my time in this profession, a wide number of highly effective specialists in their fields and I can now include them as both friends and colleagues in providing amazing outcomes for our clients.

It’s easy to call yourself a consultant these days, anyone and everyone does. REAL consultants have lived the experiences and can articulate the scarred pains that they bear when helping you avoid them. They haven’t just learned the theories and ways of others. I specialise in developing organisations to collaborate and perform better through consortium working. The concept of collaboration is embodied in Quantum Management using the 12 principles articulated by Danah Zohar. These principles liberate and empower talented staff and drive the organisation beyond the old ways of Taylorism where people work in departmental silos. This can be applied to any business or organisation. QM develops agile teams of leaders within the work place.

Being fulfilled in the smallest and grandest parts of my life in equal measure has been the foundation of everything I have learned. To make simple actions out of complex situations, to have clarity of thought when all around see fog, to see the positive and possibility in each of us and to work to help bring this out are the small gifts given to me during my working life. I am not like any other consultant you have met, I get the big questions answered and I always get results.

I’ve also been fortunate to be in the right place at the right time. I’ve found myself sitting on a street corner in the dead of night talking with the homeless and downtrodden and the very next day sitting at a table with a Prime Minister or Ambassador talking about their hoped for aspirations for fixing our crumbling societies.

As a young boy on trial at a professional soccer club, I was realising my dream to be a footballer. I stood alone on the sideline waiting for my chance; the noise from children, dads, and coaches and each game was both exhilarating and intimidating, I stood there a child on his own. There were many reasons why I didn’t make it as a professional footballer and all of them led me to a place of deep joy and peace in my work.

I have an MBA (Majoring in Strategy & Finance) and started my working life as the youngest ever (to date) Civil Engineer (Major Projects) with the giant Deutsche Babcock Group in Southern Africa. You can see more about my work with Futura Consultants on LinkedIn.

Susanna Coulthard – Head of Projects

Susanna Coulthard – Faith to Dream, Think Big and Never Give Up

As a Senior Project Manager here at Futura Consultants, I believe that leading with a positive attitude will inspire others to be excited about the vision. It is critical to express gratitude and appreciation to the project team members which always leads to a better contribution from everyone.

Change is something that excites me rather than threatens me. I am very curious about original ideas and views or new thinking. Different ways of thinking appeal more to me than conservative methods, or the so called “tried and true” and I actively seek out different experiences. I make sure to set aside time to think about how to bring others along with me. Yesterday’s ideas are for yesterday’s people.

I am very patient, calm, tolerant, and upbeat when issues occur, able to focus on resolving the issues to get the situation under control. I am strong and quite self-reliant. I can stay focused on what I need to do without getting too distracted by the stress or anxiety of others. To get a successful outcome, I learn how to prioritise time, money, and other resources effectively as they are important assets in any business.

I take pride in my work and am a hard worker paying great attention to detail. I’m diligent and disciplined in my approach to work and life and strive hard for accuracy. I’m thoughtful in organising and planning my work and take the time to think through my decisions carefully. I do my best to find successful methods and solve problems with a positive attitude towards the greater good rather than applying just my skills in isolation.

My passion is to be at the forefront of great change in this world. This is the purpose that motivates me. I have deep faith, that strong belief in the possibility of my dreams, regardless of what other people say or the circumstances that I face.

You can read more about my work on LinkedIn