Futura Consultants, an agile and cost-efficient association of specialist consultants, prioritises direct client work over administrative overhead. Formed from a network of experienced professionals, our team excels in adding value across multiple disciplines without the burden of unnecessary costs. Our lean structure focuses on charging only for direct client work, reflected in our competitive pricing and positive client feedback.

We are the team that will add value to yours.

We don’t have swanky offices, we don’t have admin staff and we don’t have non-fee earning management staff. This ensures that we are focused entirely on each project and only charge for the exact minutes spent working directly for clients.

Andrew Coulthard – Managing Consultant

Andrew Coulthard – Lead Consultant (Futura)

As CEO with over 30 years of leadership experience in various roles including NGOs, I bring extensive expertise in managing multi-million Euro programmes across Europe, private sector businesses and public sector quangos in Europe, Africa and the Balkans, consistently meeting targets (not missed one yet – exceeded most of them). My consulting work spans all major economic sectors across four continents, leveraging a network of skilled specialists to achieve outstanding client outcomes.

My approach integrates Quantum Management principles with many years of fixes and problem-solving to enhance collaboration and performance, moving beyond traditional departmental structures. My career, marked by turning complex situations into simple actions and fostering positive potential, is distinguished by achieving substantial results and addressing significant challenges. People say that they enjoy working alongside me (generally)

My diverse experiences range from grassroots interactions to high-level diplomatic discussions, informing a unique perspective in consultancy. My background in civil engineering, finance and business strategy, starting at a very young age with the Deutsche Babcock Group in Southern Africa, grounds my extensive consultancy work with Futura Consultants. I had a great start in life and it hasn’t stopped yet.

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Susanna Cappai – Head of Projects

Susanna Cappai – Faith to Dream, Think Big and Never Give Up

As a Senior Project Manager at Futura Consultants, I am driven by a positive attitude and a passion for inspiring and involving others in visionary projects. Emphasising gratitude and appreciation, I foster enhanced team contributions. I thrive on change and new, original ideas, preferring innovative approaches over traditional methods. My curiosity extends to diverse experiences and ways of thinking.

I handle challenges with patience and calmness, focusing on issue resolution while remaining strong and self-reliant. My ability to prioritise time, money, and resources effectively is key to achieving successful outcomes. Dedicated and detail-oriented, I work diligently and discipline myself both in my professional and personal life, always striving for accuracy and thoughtful organisation.

My decision-making process is careful and considered, aimed at finding successful solutions and contributing positively to the bigger picture. Driven by a deep-seated belief in the potential of my dreams, my ultimate goal is to lead significant change in the world, fuelled by unwavering faith and dedication.

You can read more about my work on LinkedIn