Asking The ‘Why’ Question

Teams that ask ‘why’ are teams that will improve outcomes. Learn to ask great questions. Create terms for adaptation. Bring about new outcomes.

Asking the why questions

Good people, talented people need to understand stuff that’s going on around them. They want to know how systems work, why differing outcomes happen, or why we are being asked to do something. They need to understand thereason why things happen.

Talented people want to make a difference, they want things to change and they are driven by a purpose. They no longer want task and complete working environments. Quantum management unlocks their potential and requires them to think in an entrepreneurial way. They don’t want to work to achive someone elses dream, they want to achieve their own. Keeping the best talent in a business takes a different kind of approach to employment. People become partners in success.

The most talented people are curious and question a limitation and barrier to success when they see it happening all around them. They ask questions, hard and difficult questions. Quantum leaders WANT them to ask these questions. Good Quantum leaders empower people to find solutions and to benefit from their discovery.

“Asking why I and others behave as we do. Questioning my own and others’ assumptions. Having the courage to rock the boat, even our own. Always wanting to go deeper into any question. Asking if things could be different or better. Valuing good questions over necessarily finite and short-term answers. Reflecting on life’s big questions.”

Principle of asking fundamental questions corresponds to fact that complex adaptive systems are exploratory and that quantum potentiality is transformed into reality by doing experiments and asking questions. (Danah Zohar)

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash