Being vulnerable. Being wise enough to know we are not perfect. Being humble enough to know the limitations of our own minds.

“The wise leader is always alert to the ignorance in his own mind and the wickedness in his own heart” (Danah Zohar/Socrates)

People trust a leader that knows when they are a little out of their depth and shares their insecurities with the team. Not knowing becomes a strength. Knowing that we don’t know everything and understanding that others know more than we do, we show humility and respect to the team.

Humility in our own self awareness and within Quantum teams relates to the properties of complex adaptive systems (CADs) in that every element of the system is important and necessary, and each element depends upon all others. It also relates to fact that the quantum universe is a participatory universe where all matter is related to all matter and all energy is related to all energy; (This can mess with the head a little).

Where humility exists so does forgiveness. We all make mistakes, Quantum teams work together to fix any that arise. Quantum teams don’t apportion blame and they don’t single out others for criticism. They work together towards the goal.

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash