Reframing the Paradigm

Standing back to see the bigger picture. Taking that helicopter ride. Observing our thoughts and what is shaping them.

The ability for each and everyone to stand back from a situation or a problem and see the bigger picture; seeing problems and opportunities in a new way and changing our mindset allows for new thinking and new ways of doing things.

Standing back from a problem, or from a decision that we have made, provides us with the benefit of seeing our combined and individual behaviour and seeing things afresh from a neutral, third person, someone observing from a distance.

We become aware of our own assumptions or habits that underpinned our thinking or the decisions we make. Quantum physics laws state that just observing an experiment, situation or outcome changes it. Reflective purposes and actions create a new paradigm simply by reflecting upon each component. What would happen to the outcome if I didn’t have that thought?

We begin to change the way we frame things and then we find ourselves becoming participants in new situations. Approaching things differently and being able to make fresh, and quite possibly better, decisions.

The principle of reframing corresponds to fact that complex adaptive systems recontextualise their environment, and quantum systems develop new, emergent properties through relationship.” (Danah Zohar)

Photo by Kenzie Broad on Unsplash