Self Awareness

Know thyself – the starting point for all change lies within you. To truly know and understand yourself is the key to Quantum change.

Our personality is the sum of our mental processes; its job is to integrate our mental energy with our capacity for thought and self control and to help us express ourselves in our surroundings. It’s one thing to have a positive outlook but unless we act, nothing gets done.

The greatest leaders all had insecurities. They all had doubts and fear has made them act impulsively and irrationally at times. No one is immune from these emotions. But we are made of two key elements in our quantum existence. Newton expressed every atom as a substance. When considering light waves both Newton and Einstien concluded that light was indeed made up of particles. Later studies concluded that light was made up of both particles and waves. Quantum physics has observed light as both substance and energy.

Quantum management borrows this theory and asserts that we are made up of both substance and energy. That energy is expressed as the force with which we feel compelled to act and the substance is used to act out that compulsion.

Quantum management combines the physical nature of a company’s components and resources with a universal energy force that encompasses emotions, spirituality, beliefs, feelings and instincts. It is this combined energy that leads to teams performing with one soul. If teams are aligned to a common purpose, vision and aim; if they are motivated by similar beliefs and values then they will perform at the highest levels.

Each individual team member must be self aware, honest and fearless about being exactly who they are. There’s been a huge pressure on senior managers to have all of the answers, the illusion that they know (or are supposed to know) everything and they mustn’t appear vulnerable or weak. This fakeness and inauthentic self is the major barrier to leadership.

It’s ok for leaders to be vulnerable. People trust leaders who don’t hide their vulnerability.

Quantum management is the art of being honest, open and team in all areas. Knowing thyself is the start of the journey to self actualisation.

Photo by Johnny Cohen on Unsplash